Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Psychedelic Henna

Well! The past week has been happy henna madness to say the least. My friend Kerry and I have been up to our ears in henna and what a  pleasure it has been adorning willing customers with our designs.

Above is a photo I was playing around with and got this groovy effect. Now I just need to find henna that glows in the dark and a neon light...

New folder2
A collage of Kerry and I and our works.

I'm loving this photo with the hair bindis that Kerry bought me and she insisted we put in our hair, and I'm happy she did because I think it's really pretty.
 More Funky editing on Kerry's design and her own arm too.

Another collage of our henna nights and customers.

I really like this design I did on my own arm but the stain wasn't as dark as I had hoped, but I like it in neon.


Kerry's beautiful design!

Ishka henna VIP Sep 20121 These two designs I did on men so there a little more masculine.

New folder3
A nice Buddha statue watching over us.

 The Henna Twins? No we are not twins, clearly... however our designs are very similar.

Thank you to Ishka for having us and to all the beautiful people that enjoyed our art.
You can find us at Ishka Chadstone every Friday night from 5-8.30pm.

Right! I'm off to find a neon light...

All photos above belong to Shannon and Kerry and are a combination of both our works.

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Nomadic Tara said...

What an amazing week it was. I love the neon effect - it gives our work an ethereal glow. You rocked the hair bindis!